What is SALC's vision?

The Southern Arizona Leadership Council envisions a safe and economically vibrant region in which to live and work with every guarantee of excellence and recreation in a setting that preserves our unique environment and culture.

What are SALC's membership requirements?

Active members must be the CEO or the senior official of a major corporation in Southern Arizona or a senior partner in a legal or accounting firm. Others may become members based upon their ability to make a significant contribution to the community.

What is the Southern Arizona Leadership Council?

The Southern Arizona Leadership Council is a non-profit organization comprised of CEOs from major corporations in Southern Arizona and of senior partners from legal and accounting firms. It was founded in 1997 so that business leaders could commit their skills and resources in collaborative efforts to enhance the region's quality of life and economic climate.

What is SALC's mission?

The Southern Arizona Leadership Council's mission is to improve the greater Tucson area and the State of Arizona by bringing together resources and leadership to enhance the economic climate and the quality of life in our community, and attract and retain high quality, high wage jobs. The Southern Arizona Leadership Council, working through its task forces and their respective members, interacts with community organizations interested in the primary objectives identified annually by the Council. A conscious effort is made by the Council to include in that process leaders from various segments of the community.

What is SALC's membership process?

Prospective members must be nominated by an active member of SALC. Once a person is nominated, the nomination goes to the membership committee. If passed by the committee, the person's nomination goes to the Board of Directors for approval and then to the entire membership for acceptance.

Where does SALC get its money?

SALC is funded solely through membership dues. Additional contributions from members and others help to finance projects undertaken by the group.

What is Tucson Values Teachers?

Tucson Values Teachers is a community-wide effort to attract, retain and support excellent teachers in order to ensure every child has the very best possible teacher. More information is available at www.tucsonvaluesteachers.org.

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