Science & Innovation Focus Area

The science & innovation focus area pursues the development of high tech, high wage jobs for the region.  It supports efforts in research, tech transfer, funding through Science Foundation Arizona and Fund of Funds and emerging technology like Solar, and leads regional efforts in bioscience.

Harry George and Paul August are Co-Chairs of SALC's Science & Innovation Focus Area.


         Harry George                  Paul August

Biosciences Leadership Council of Southern Arizona


Southern Arizona is one of the nation's most recognized bioscience centers because of the University of Arizona, a top-20 research university, the region's talented workforce, and the dynamic cluster of bioscience companies.


Southern Arizona's vision will be realized as the 4 C's--commitment, collaboration, connections, and communications--become the day-to-day mantra of how the Southern Arizona Bioscience Roadmap is implemented. Success in achieving this Vision will require:

  • Committed public and private sector leadership working to support bioscience-driven technology development, led by champions in the industry, universities, and government;
  • Collaboration across institutions and organizations;
  • More prevalent research connections and partnerships; and
  • Effective and consistent communications across industrial, government, and educational sectors


To serve as the central, coordinating organization that catalyzes the aggressive implementation of the Southern Arizona Bioscience Roadmap:

  • Ensuring that Southern Arizona's efforts are fully integrated with Arizona's bioscience efforts;
  • Stimulating an environment that will lead to growth in the biosciences;
  • Seeking ways to encourage new and innovative partnerships; and
  • Mobilizing the community for collaboration, results, and economic growth.


  1. Build Southern Arizona's research strengths around bioscience technology.
  2. Nurture all sources of revenue, including venture capital, to build a critical mass of bioscience companies in Southern Arizona.
  3. Build a talent base, through education and workforce development, that captures and retains Southern Arizona's human resources.
  4. Develop and maintain a business climate supportive of the biosciences and their growth in Southern Arizona.
  5. Educate, inform, and spur to action opinion leaders and the general public on Southern Arizona's future.
  6. Develop the regional infrastructure to allow and support anticipated growth.


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