TUCSON, Ariz.­– The University of Arizona licensed a drug to startup Reglagene that aims to shorten cancer cells’ lives in days. The innovation derived from the UA College of Pharmacy and the UA BIO5 Institute by Laurence Hurley, PhD, and Vijay Gokhale, PhD.

The invention to shorten the lives of targeted cells is effective because the process rapidly ages cancer cells until they die. Tech Launch Arizona worked to protect intellectual property, develop start-up strategy and license the technology to the company.

“Our laboratory has developed the underlying technology for a number of drugs that have reached phase I/II clinical trials,” Dr. Hurley said. “This is by far the most exciting technology we have a developed during our 40 years of research.”

Gene expression is typically controlled by molecular switches called C- and G- Quadruplexes, where the licensed drug will target these “on” and “off” switches. Similar technologies take several months to exert an effect in cancer cell­– time cancer patients do not have.

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